How I accidentally became an Instagram Influencer

About 4 years ago, I got myself into the “Insta-game” purely by accident.


At that time I had just learnt of a new product development overseas called e-shisha and I was very curious to see how it would go in Australia.  Being young and daring, I started my first ever business venture called Mimstick.


I didn’t have a lot of experience or resources at the time and therefore started to analyse what some of my competitors where doing. I noticed a lot of them were primarily focussing on Instagram as their main platform for trying to engage with their customers.  So began my travels through the rabbit hole of the Instagram world.


Long story short, the page did well. It didn’t have a large following, but I was quite surprised to see how much interaction and engagement I was receiving during my short time of using it.  However knowing that the product I had chosen was a bit of a fad and was not something that I wanted to invest my time in for the long haul, I eventually sold the company and moved onto other ventures.


Although I no longer had a reason for running Instagram accounts at that time, I couldn’t help but think what an amazing shift that social media was having on the way it would influence the consumer’s journey mapping leading to a purchase.  This thing called Instagram was going to be the next best thing.



In retrospect, it makes perfect sense now to see why this shift in digital marketing was occurring.  However at the time, getting into the Instagram world was more of a hunch than anything.   I remember noticing posts with images on Facebook would do much better than long posts that were too “wordy”. making me think of the ever-so-decreasing nature of people’s attention span in our technology dependant generation.   People wanted to consume content fast and faster!  Well if a picture paints a 1000 words, then Instagram was definitely going to Boom!


I was right!  There has been an increase of 100M to over 600M users since I began the account and it is increasing significantly. According to TechCrunch, “Around 80 percent of Instagram’s 600 million monthly users are international. And if Instagram Stories continues on this trajectory, it could prove bigger than the app it copied (referring to Snapchat).”

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So I created an account named @gentlemenschoice just out of fun. Today, I have over a million followers across the a few different pages.  With the change in companies focussing more and more on digital marketing avenues as opposed the more conventional methods, the page has been for a while a large platform in advertising for many successful companies including Daniel Wellington, MVMT, Calibre, GaryVee etc.



Also due to the analytics options available on the accounts directly through Instagram, it allows us to understand why these brands are choosing promote themselves more and more with large influencers rather as opposed to advertising directly through Instagram’s sponsored post functions.  These Insight functions of larger pages, allow companies to easily find influencers that align perfectly with their target demographic more organically and much more cost effectively.




For my next post, I will go through some of things that have helped me to really grow my account to guide anyone who may be interested in growing accounts of their own.

I would love to get your feedback on what you thought of this post and also anything you may want me to cover for my next post!